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Partner with an expert PI facilitator to build your clients' trust

As a recent member of PI's Learning Team, I have an intimate knowledge of PI's workshops, helped to develop the workshop content, and have delivered to over 100 clients across all market segments.


Successfully trained  
hundreds of PI clients
over 7+ years

PI's "GO TO"

PI’s Corporate Facilitator from 2017 – April 2020


In-depth knowledge of PI platform, technology, and training workshops


I'll help you increase your clients' satisfaction and retention


Sue is such a masterful facilitator and manages a room like a maestro.  She was actually my coach when I gave my first live training.  We co-facilitated and I still use some of her tips and techniques to this day.

Mike Zani


Predictive Index


Outgoing, positive, energetic and knowledgeable...Sue has a witty attitude that turns presentations and workshops into a fun and relatable learning experience.

Daniel Muzquiz

President and Chairman

Predictive Index